Our specialized services cater to individuals with high needs, providing professional, long-term and permanent support for those who require and thrive in environments that offer the comfort of structure and consistency.

We help individuals with special needs live their most independent and fulfilling lives.

Rose-Mary provides compassionate, comprehensive support services for individuals from childhood through end of life. Ours is a support model that enriches everyday for our children and adults in need – and the families who love them.

We care for individuals with the greatest needs.

Rose-Mary has the aptitude, experience and willingness to accept individuals with the most challenging behaviors associated with their disabilities. We care for those individuals who others are hesitant to take, or simply don’t have the advanced skills to care for.

philosophy of care

Self Determination. Personal Choice. Therapeutic Relationships. Maximum Potential.

At Rose-Mary we believe that one of the most prized gifts given to us by God is life itself. For
each individual, this begins from the first moment of conception and never ceases. To care for individuals with multiple disabilities is to live and serve as an extension of God’s grace: we advocate and care for those who cannot do so themselves, honoring and celebrating each unique, precious gift of life.

TRAUMA informed care

Our focus is trauma-informed care: we understand that most individuals have suffered some sort of trauma in their lives, even if they cannot tell us.

It’s our job to help them feel safe, connected and in control—a deeply personal and intuitive care model that creates extraordinary life experiences.

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we serve with conviction

Rose-Mary has committed itself to serving children and adults with special needs. We empower each individual that we support to become the best version of themselves that they can be.