• compassionate caring

    A respite for families struggling to meet the everyday needs of a child or adult loved one with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral needs—we lead with love and certified skilled care that dramatically improves quality of life.

  • national care model

    A leader in Trauma Responsive Care, we specialize in caring for individuals with the most significant disabilities—often those who are non-verbal: we embrace our role in serving and nurturing those individuals who other providers are unequipped to manage.

  • long-term support

    Professional, round-the-clock care and services is provided in a comfortable, permanent home setting. We are able to provide highly individualized care for individuals with complex medical needs including pain and seizure management and enteral feeding requirements.

  • community living

    With all the familiar comforts of home, our community homes engage residents in a neighborhood setting: Each resident has his/her own bedroom and is matched with other residents based on age, needs, interests, etc.


    Everyday enrichment through inclusion and planned group activities like arts and crafts, community recreational events, shopping trips, dining, and more, with dedicated transportation.

  • faith-based servants

    Our religious faith is evidenced by the loving, respectful manner in which we serve.

  • unflappable advocate

    We are passionate and vocal about ensuring that there are funding and policies in place to support the progressive care services so vitally important to those among us who have the greatest needs.

Rose-Mary provides services to all people regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, or disability.